Music Festivals

Music has always held people together. It’s always been one of the lynchpins of culture, and in fact, new studies suggest that mankind may have learned to sing before we learned how to talk. If that doesn’t go to show how important music really is, then nothing well. So, it stands to reason that music festivals have always been an important event in human culture.

Music Festivals

Music Festivals

The music festivals of the middle ages are well documented and too numerous to begin to list, but the modern music festival actually dates all the way back to the Pythian Games. The Pythian Games were a games festival held in honor of Apollo two years after and before every ancient Olympic Games. Held at the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi, the games were comprised of various events including musical contests and eventually non-competitive guitar performances and singing. Eventually chariot racing and horse riding were added, but the music was the core of the show.

Celebrating athletics, theater, music and the fine arts, the Pythian games were an amazing event and the first known music festival.

Over the years, the music festival would remain an important part of human development. Long before Woodstock, American music was defined by the West Verginia State Folk Festival and the Old Fiddler’s Convention, and the traditions of old time music are alive today at the Appalachian String Band Music Festival and the Vandalia Gathering.

Whatever kind of music you enjoy, there’s a festival for you, even if it’s outdated. For instance, the US music festivals like the World’s Biggest Disco, in Buffalo New York, where 1970’s era artists play to enthusiastic crowds, or the Europe music festivals and UK music festivals for punk rockers like the Nice n Sleazy Festival.

The most famous modern music festival tickets like Woodstock and Lollapalooza are really just the tip of the iceberg. They’re not even the two biggest festivals of all time. The history of the music festival is almost as old as the history of music.

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