Europe Music Festivals

Even more so than the United States, many countries in Europe are famed for their large open-air music festivals held during the summer months. UK music festivals, festivals in Germany, Denmark, Ireland and many other countries attract music lovers from around the world each summer and into early autumn.

Europe Music Festivals

Europe Music Festivals

Before you decide on any festival or music celebration, make sure to secure music festivals tickets early, as they do tend to sell out quickly. The same is true for US music festivals, so no matter if you plan on going abroad or staying at home to enjoy your favorite bands in a live setting, plan ahead and get tickets as early as possible.

There are many notable festivals that could make a list, but a few stand out in particular due to their size and variety of bands on multiple stages. The first of which is the Glastonbury Festival in Glastonbury, England. It is recognized as one of the largest open-air music festivals in the world and boasts a variety of music acts and performing arts.

The Roskilde Music Festival in Roskilde, Denmark, has been a favorite with rock lovers since 1971. It is one of Europe’s largest hard rock festivals and annually books up to 180 bands to play on several stages. Best of all, people who attend the Roskilde Festival can feel like they’re really enjoying music for a great cause; much of the profits from ticket sales are donated to humanitarian and charity causes.

Each year, the Serbian music festival held in Novi Sad, called the Exit Festival, gets more popular and attracts popular commercial musicians. The Exit Festival features a variety of music ranging from hard rock, pop rock, electronic and dance music, so there’s something for almost every music lover to enjoy.

Finally, for those who love heavy metal, the Wacken Open Air Festival in Wacken, Germany, features thrash metal, heavy metal and black metal acts from around the world. In 2009, the Wacken Festival sold over 70,000 tickets, making it one of the fastest growing metal music events in Europe. It is held annually during the first week of August.

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